Google Classroom Menus

The new school year is underway, and Google has added two menus to their Classroom interface that make teaching online or hybrid just a bit easier. 

First on the Classroom homepage is a menu with “To-Do,” “To Review,” and “Calendar.”

  • To-Do– students can easily view work for assignments in all of their classes
  • To Review– teachers can easily view assignments that have not been graded or returned yet in all of their classes
  • Calendar– not built into Google Classroom, this calendar shows due dates for all classes

Each one of these features shows teachers and students all courses but can be filtered to view one class at a time.

The other menu, found in the Classwork tab, gives teachers and students quick access to their Meet (if enabled) and the external Calendar and Drive folder.

EdTech Tip

During this emergency teaching time my social media feeds have been full of personal pictures, mostly from my walks, of cool and unique things in my town.  While I am working a ton, supporting teachers, it is not really pictured worthy work.  So, I’ve decided to start a weekly EdTech Tip. Head to my social […]