AI- A Teacher’s Best Friend

For years I had a vision for this page but quickly learned that I had the most significant impact working alongside teachers in my districts and locally. Time taken updating here could be used to find new tools and develop models of how they could be integrated into the curriculum.

But…then, Artificial Intelligence became easily accessible, and I quickly jumped in with two feet and started deep diving. There are an enormous amount of ways that an AI chatbot could be used to support teachers in their curriculum and instruction. I want to share this with everyone and anyone that will listen. AI can support teachers in a way nothing else has before.

By using AI, educators will get time back in their day and then be able to customize their instruction for their community and the individual students they teach.

Prompts entered in ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, are in italics.

Write a lesson plan about Newton’s first law of motion for middle schoolers.

Write a reading passage about the Lunar New Year on a third-grade reading level.

Create a list of comprehension questions for the reading passage.

Turn those reading comprehension questions into multiple choice questions

Create an answer key

*Repeat at different grade levels to allow all students to read about the same topic on a level they can comprehend independently.

Design a curriculum unit based on high school financial literacy risk management and insurance

Expand on lesson 1

What is the theme for A Long Way Down

List 5 real-world topics the book addresses

Create a high school writing assignment

What is figurative language?

Define figurative language in simplistic terms.

Write a paragraph using figurative language about smartphones.

Identify the figurative language used in the paragraph.

Write essential questions for a coding unit for second grade.

What would the enduring understandings be?

What knowledge would the students learn?

What skills will the students learn?

Create higher-order thinking questions to ask middle school students about the American Revolution.