Online Whiteboards

Online Whiteboards are a fantastic teaching tool, especially with touchscreen Chromebooks. They can be used to screencast, for digital assessments, to collaborate on an assignment, and much more. Here are some fantastic examples, find one that works for you: Kami- install the Kami extension to open a blank, lined, graph, or music sheet. Saves to […]


Wakelet! I kept hearing about it at ISTE in June and seeing friends and colleagues blog about it, podcast about it, and take over Twitter sharing all the amazingness of Wakelet. Of course, I went forth and explored. I mean, I couldn’t ignore everyone’s advice. I found it to be a fantastic tool for collaborating, […]


The Kami extension in Google Chrome is quickly becoming one of my favorite tools.  Kami allows you to annotate PDFs, documents, and images. It integrates directly with Google Drive.  You can share and collaborate in a file.  Users have the option to start with a file or begin with a Blank Paper Lined Paper Grid Paper Music […]

Read & Write

My favorite Google Extension  just got updated. Now, Read & Write will read aloud using a screen shot box so it will read text that is embedded in images and websites using flash.  Simply draw a box around the text and listen up. Check this out: Read more about why I like this extension here: