Chatterpix Valentine

Chatterpix is one of my favorite apps to use with students. It is not only simple to use but has a ton of possibilities and a fun final product. Using Chatterpix, the Kindergarten students made Valentines for our school.

Using Chatterpix, the Kindergarten students made Valentines for our school.

  1. Take a picture ar grab one from your photo library. Students took photos of hearts I cut out
  2. Add a mouth to the image by dragging your line across the picture
  3. Record your voice. You have 30 seconds.
  4. Decorate with stickers, filters, and frames.

They thought it was so fun to give a valentine to their school.


We also use Chatterpix to:

  • Give voice to a character from a story
    • Fictional (Picture book characters, chapter book characters)
    • Fantasy (dragons, fairies, trolls…)
    • Non-Fiction
  • Explain the events in a story
  • Provide an opinion on a story
  • Give a POV
  • Speak as someone from history
  • Record a biography report
  • Speak as an animal to give a report
  • Speak as an inanimate object
    • Jack-O-Lanters (below)
    • Planets
    • Coins
    • Countries
    • Sports Balls
    • Street Signs
    • Buildings
    • etc
  • Give routines/directions for things around the room

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