Google Keep For Note Taking

When students are taking notes one of the hardest parts is getting them to record their sources at that moment.  In all honesty, I am the same way. When you are on a roll, reading and taking notes, chasing down sources, finding new information, and getting new keywords, stopping to create an MLA or APA citation can mess up your research groove.

Thanks to the Google Keep extension for Chrome (found here), you no longer need to stop mid-note-taking. In fact, Google Keep will organize all your notes AND the online source in one note.

Find your online resource, and use the Google Keep extension to take notes like below. You can quote via highlighting, write your own notes, save an image, and Google Keep will record the website with your notes.

All your notes for each individual source are kept in a single Google Keep note. Once students complete their research they can stop and create Works Cited without losing any important information.

Not only that, but students can insert their notes easily into papers and presentations.
Check out the presentation below for more information.