I kept hearing about it at ISTE in June and seeing friends and colleagues blog about it, podcast about it, and take over Twitter sharing all the amazingness of Wakelet.

Of course, I went forth and explored. I mean, I couldn’t ignore everyone’s advice. I found it to be a fantastic tool for collaborating, but I was somehow missing the hype. 

The blogs, podcasts, and Twitter posts continued. I wanted to love Wakelet as much as anyone else. Ugh, peer pressure.

All of my bookmarks live in Diigo, since forever, and in my Chrome Browser that follows my login. I posted to Twitter asking if there was a way to take my already curated selection and move it Wakelet. Sadly, there is no bulk import at the moment. Luckily, the Twitterverse is massive and super helpful. By adding two extensions, I could take my bookmarks that I exported from Diigo and add them to collections in Wakelet.

  1. Export bookmarks from where you had them saved.
  2. Copy the list of websites.
  3. Click on the _____ extension and paste.
  4. Wait for all your tabs to load
  5. Open a new tab which should open to the Wakelet page
  6. Click the green button on the bottom rights that says “Create collection with tabs” 
  7. Repeat for all Collections

Now I use it for collaboration with other educators, as my primary bookmarking tool, and to collect and share resources for presentations.