The Chromebooks have really stepped-up our formative assessment game. I’ve already posted about some of my favorites, Kahoot and Quizziz here, and now want to write about Edcite.

Edcite.com is a free website that allows teachers to create assessments that look like PARCC.  Teachers can create classes and add students  so they have their own accounts.  Students 13+ can log-in using their GAFE account. Edcite allows you type in one students at a time or upload a .csv file.  Classroom teachers had trouble uploading students. I found this tutorial to be helpful and created a sample file here.

Once accounts are created teachers can search the assignment library for pre-made assessments based on grade, subject, and my favorite, Common Core Standards. A teacher can assign a found assignment as-is or edit it to meet their need. screenshot-www.edcite.com 2016-03-07 17-25-07

Teachers can also create their own assignments.  Questions, passages, videos, images, and audio each have a library to choose from.  The biggest problem in creating new questions is the large number of options they are provided.  Questions can be multi-step and they can be interactive including highlighting, drag and drop, graphing, labels.

screenshot-www.edcite.com 2016-03-07 17-26-59

So why Edcite?

The main reason is that the user interface looks likes PARCC.  While taking assessments students can:

  • flag a question to review
  • take notes
  • eliminate answers
  • progress through questions usingarrows on the top
  • review their questions for: answered, not answered, not viewed, and flagged
  • review their questions and jump to a specific question
  • submit final answers

screenshot-www.edcite.com 2016-03-07 17-22-17

screenshot-www.edcite.com 2016-03-07 17-22-57