Kahoot vs. Quizizz

Kahoot and Quizizz are both great ways to gamify formative assessment in the classroom.  Each has it’s positives and it’s negatives and each has its place.

First, why gamify assessment?

  • it’s motivating
  • it’s engaging
  • it’s exciting

Both are FREE and students DO NOT need accounts.

KahootKahoot-icon Quizizz449673576
Accounts Teacher yes No
Questions Multiple Choice Multiple Choice
Scoring First to answer correct gets the most points Effected less by timer more by correct answer
Timer 5 – 120 seconds 30 seconds to unlimited
Pacing Teacher controlled Self-Pacing
Viewing Must be projected Viewed on student screens
Media Can insert image into or as question Can insert background image
Public Quizzes More available and editable Available and editable
Results bar graph screen after each question On screen during quiz for teacher
Final Results Downloadable- by question and student, highlighting problem areas Downloadable- by student, highlighting problem questions
Devices Mobile or Computer Mobile or Computer
Student Website https://kahoot.it/#/  http://quizizz.com/join/
Other Meme’s between questions
Other Students get a random avatar

Ways to use these websites?

  1. Quiz your students to see what they know when starting a unit.
  2. Quiz students before class starts. Differentiate by pulling everyone that scores below an 80% into a small group instructional setting
  3. Create a quiz half way through a unit to check for understanding.
  4. Only use images as your questions. (Great for math)
  5. Quiz students on current events.
  6. Play with people in other classes in other schools.
  7. Have students make quizzes.
  8. Open a meeting with a quiz.
  9. Start a PD with a quiz.