Google Slide Books

We are new to GAFE this year at school and the students are I both excited when its time to introduce a new Google tool. This Fall/Winter, third grade students had to research then write a non-fiction book for their writing unit. (Lucy Calkins Units of Study Series)

The teachers took charge of the research and teaching the students about the elements of non-fiction texts: Table of Contents, captions, maps, bold words, glossary, labeled images, etc.

When it was time to publish I worked with classroom teachers and students to publish their book in Google Slides.

Students learned about the different layout in slides, how to add text boxes and shapes, and how to change the order of objects.  They already knew the basics like text formatting from Google Docs.

Their final projects turned out awesome.

My goal was to teach students how to hyperlink within a document but that did not happen. The one below has a hyperlinked Table of Contents:

Some students loved Google Slides so much they went home and made their own. Their teacher allows them to share with the class during snack time. It is great practice for creating and presenting.