100th Day App Smash

The 100th Day of School is always a lot of fun.

Since we have iPads in the classrooms this year some of the first grade teachers were ready to integrate them into the celebration.  Every teacher can add their own twist but my favorite combination is Doodle Buddy and ChatterPix.

First students need a picture of themselves at 100. This can be done with traditional paper and pencil drawing (as seen in the example), Doodle Buddy, or even one of the aging apps like Oldster if you downloaded it before it was removed from the app store or Aging Booth.IMG_1226

Students then use Chatterpix to add a moving mouth and record what they will be like when they are 100 years old. What will they look like? How will they feel? What will they do? Do they have a family? and more. IMG_1223

Students love adding frames and stamps to make their Chatterpix video “cooler”.

Combine the vidoes together for the whole class to watch and share with families.