On Saturday I met up with some amazing like-minded teachers for CoffeeEduNJ. CoffeeEdu is a one hour chat, or “unconference”, where people get together and talk about…anything. Learn more about it here:  http://www.coffeeedu.org/

There were not only awesome local teachers, but Alice Keeler, the creator was able to come. I learned, I was inspired, I ate breakfast, and I drank a lot of coffee.

After introductions and Alice Keeler giving the 411 on what CoffeeEdu is she asked what we wanted to talk to be about. Since we went well over an hour conversations ranged. Here’s what I learned:

  • when 3D printing small objects put more than one print on the build plate
  • the printer should always be printing, always be melting plastic
  • everyone loves the Polar3D printer
    • I want one!
  • middle schools nearby are offering a game design/digital storytelling 6-week elective
    • I want to do this!
  • we discussed Depth of Knowledge and the need to find a happy place in the middleDOK
  • people are using weighted columns with rubrics- sounds good to me
  • social networking should be open within schools- teach students responsibility
    • I have always agreed
  • be social!
    • This part is hard and Alice Keeler had some great advice and slowly getting started with Twitter.
      • Start by thanking people for posting things your are interested in. This will help build connections and an online PLN.
      • Read a number of posted per day. There is no way to read them all.

So, find me on twitter, @ariellehg and come to the next #coffeeedutnj.

Thank you Steve Isaacs for setting it all up and all the amazing teachers that attended and shared their knowledge.