Mother’s Day Coding

I’m loving coding this year. I plan to post about using with the younger students soon but today Tynker put out a tutorial to code a Mother’s Day Card.

Tynker Mother’s Day Car Tutorial

It is super cute and easy to follow.

Students have a choice of three backgrounds to choose from.

Then they change the words and colors.  If you have more advanced students see if they can add a second line of text.

After, students see how the coded pen draws a flower.  For beginners there is not much to do here, but more advanced users should try to move the flower and have it change colors.

Each corner of the card receives one of 10 flowers.  I gave the challenge of changing the code to only select flowers that match the background.

Last students select a sound to play throughout the card.

The final card can easily be shared through social media, email, or being embedded.

This is a fun way for those who have some exposure to coding to create a Mother’s Day Card.

Final card: