A Makeshift Makerspace

I’ve always wanted a Makerspace; it is what inspired me to look into starting a STEM/STEAM program. ┬áThe reality is a Makerspace would not get used to its full potential due to scheduling and other things.

With 2 weeks left of school I created what I’m calling a “Makeshift Markspace”. I set up a variety of places students could go and explore and learn. ┬áThere were some limitations based on the number of supplies but the students thought it was outstanding.

I started with the following 2 videos found on YouTube before we discussed what a Makerspace was:

They had the following stations to choose from:

  1. Coding in the Computer Lab
  2. Programming robot (3)
  3. Duct Tape station
  4. Snap Circuits Jr.
  5. Post-It Paper Airplanes
  6. 3D Doodler Pen (4)
  7. Morphi App- 3D print
  8. Corner bookmarks
  9. Legos- WEDO kits
  10. Stop-Motion Animation
  11. Try one of the following websites:
    1. PowTown
    2. The Zimmer Twins
    3. Glogster

Here are some pictures:

IMG_2461 IMG_2441 IMG_2460 IMG_2457 IMG_2450 IMG_2456 IMG_2454 IMG_2449 IMG_2451 IMG_2455 IMG_2459